System Requirements

What do I need to be able to use PlanMan?

PlanMan is a cloud application that is accessed using your web browser. Just use one of the browsers supported by PlanMan and you are ready to go.

There isn;t really any minimum hardware specification like traditional software, but as with all browser based applications, a modern computer with a fast CPU and 4GB+ of RAM will enable a smoother and more responsive experience.

For access to PlanMan on the move, you can use a Smartphone and the system will automatically adapt to the size of the device's screen.

Browser Compatibility

Modern browsers are safer, faster and more reliable, and will provide a better user experience when using PlanMan. We support the following modern browsers:

  • The latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari, all of which automatically update themselves when a new browser version is available.

Information on how to update your browser can be found at https://browsehappy.com/