Permission Groups

Permission groups allow you to set which users are able to perform which actions in PlanMan, such as add, edit and delete items. When you sign up for a free 30-day trial, you are automatically added to the Administrator group. Users in the Administrator group have access to everything.

Group Permissions

The permissions that you can currently set are as follows:

  • Add clients

  • Update clients

  • Delete clients

  • Add invoices

  • Update invoices 

  • Delete invoices

  • Add projects

  • Update projects

  • Delete projects

  • Add quotes

  • Update quotes

  • Delete quotes

  • Add purchase invoices

  • Update purchase invoices

  • Delete purchase invoices

  • Add suppliers

  • Update suppliers

  • Delete suppliers

  • Authorise expenses

  • Update enquiries

  • Delete enquiries

  • Manage leave requests

  • View expenses

  • Run invoice reports

  • Run time recording reports

Adding Users to Permission Groups

To add a user to a permission group, go to "Setup > Users" then click on their name. Under the Permission Groups section, click on the plus button and select the group to add them to, then click the Update User button.

To remove a user from a permission group, click the red bin icon.