To add users, go to "Setup > Users" then click the plus icon at the top right above the table.

The permissions of your users are controlled by permission groups.

User Dashboards

There are two dashboards that you can set for your users.

Project Dashboard

The project dashboard is geared toward project managers and the users that will be doing the actual work on projects. Read more about the project dashboard here.

Global Dashboard

The global dashboard contains the following sections:

Top Statistics

  • Live projects - advises what number of live projects are in the system

  • Open Quotes - advises the number of Quotes that are either in Draft (awaiting action by Project Staff) or have been issued (awaiting action by the Client)

  • Unpaid invoices - relates to the total number of invoices that have been issued but are not marked as paid and includes invoices that are not yet due

  • Projected Work – the value of the completed project stages that have not yet been invoiced. If you click this total, this will list the Projects that have Stages that have been set to Completed but have not been invoiced, serving as a reminder to the project stage owner

Live Projects

Lists all projects that are either ongoing or are yet to be started by project staff.


Lists all uncompleted tasks relating to Dates that have been set within a Project Stage.

Outstanding Quotes

Lists Quotes that have been either drafted or issued by the project staff.

Quotes in the "Issued" status will be automatically archived when the quote expiry date is met.

Any Archived Quotes can later be made Active again allowing for it to be updated and re-issued.

Unpaid Invoices

Lists all unpaid invoices.

My Calendar

Displays all Dates linked to Project Stages, as well as meetings and leave (populated upon leave requests being lodged/accepted). To add a date that is not specific to a project, click the start day of the event and set the details. For repeat events remember to change the End Date.

Setting a User's Dashboard

To set which dashboard a user sees when they login, go to "Setup > Users" then click on the user in question.

Set the "Dashboard" option then click the Update User button.

The "Leave Remaining" field is used when users add leave requests.